Model Flying Club

Club Rules

These rules come into force on 1 January 2013.

Rule 1 - Entrance Gate

Rule 2 - Insurance

All members and guests (see rule 7) must hold valid RCHA (Remote Controlled Helicopter Association) or BMFA (British Model Flying Association) insurance or similar in order to fly at the Club: and be prepared to provide proof of such if requested.

Rule 3 - Safe Flying Guidelines

All Club members must abide by RCHA and BMFA insurance guidelines to safe flying, for example when using flight lines or over-flying the pits, etc. These guide lines will be displayed in the Club house.

Please use common sense when flying. If there are any doubts or queries regarding the correct procedure, check with a Club officer or experienced, senior Club member where possible.

Rule 4 - Designated Flying Areas

Model flying is permitted only in designated areas and, for safety reasons, must be strictly adhered to.

Rule 5 - Communications Etiquette

Rule 6 - On-Site Vehicle Access

No vehicles are to be driven over the point-to-point race track, unless otherwise instructed by the Chairman, Secretary or Site Officer. Failure to observe this rule puts the Club at risk of losing the use of the site.

All vehicles should be left on or beside the path in the designated area at the eastern end of the field.

All Club members are requested to take the utmost care when entering or leaving the site, and whilst on the site. Club members are also expected to be courteous when meeting other occupiers of the farm sharing the route to the flying field site.

Rule 7 - Guest Flyer Policy

Rule 8 - Site Cleanliness

All Club members are responsible for the removal of their own rubbish and crash debris. All smokers must dispose of their butts responsibly.

Rule 9 - Smoking Policy

Smoking in the Club house is strictly forbidden, and Club members and guests are expected to smoke responsibly when outside.

Rule 10 - Changes to Rules

The Club Chairman reserves the right to add or change the rules where necessary and a notice period of 14 days will be given to Club members by a posting in the Club house, or by e-mail or texts.
The above rules are in addition to the Club Constitution, which is available to view on request.

FOOTNOTE: This is not a rule, but first and foremost we are here to enjoy our hobby in one another's company at the Club whether it be flying a helicopter or flying a plane. So, enjoy yourselves and have FUN!